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KSync Virtual Folder
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Youtube Spotify Soundcloud Music Downloader and Playlists
Video Tutorial
Search for any music in any language
Auto paste mode typing -1
auto downloads playlists and tracks every 5 seconds
senses new copies in clipboard
Keeps Id3 Tags and metadata, smart naming.
Accepts youtube urls, youtube playlist urls
spotify playlist urls, the whole playlist!!
spotify track & albums urls
soundcloud urls
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KSync Virtual Folder Auto Sync Backup for Google Drive
AES 256 security obfuscation, use private key to to upload/download files
3 applications: backup.exe (just upload your new data)
sync.exe (download new data, upload new data, sync and optional delete)
vfolder.exe (auto sync to a virtual folder you choose nickname on any pc)
virtual folder sources files from backup and sync apps, all share database
get a free google drive account and start using
Download,upload your files from any computer, no duplicate files uploaded.
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Duplicate File Finder and Auto Remover
Video Tutorial
searches any directory and gives you list of grouped duplicate file names found
lets you mark with ` and choose which to delete
can search hidden files and folders
can auto delete (optional) numbered files with same name in same folder
Only matches duplicate files by unique file content
can skip files with 0 bytes
Download for Windows x64 XP,Vista,7,10
Download for Linux x64
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Organize Files by extensions into smart folders
Auto sorts all pics,vids,text,audio into seperate folders
Can revert back to original locations
Can overwrite or customze folder names and exts
Place exts.txt in root of organize.exe
Windows x64 XP,Vista,7,10
Linux Ubuntu x64
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